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"Introducing My Private Collection of Highly Acclaimed Mortgage Marketing Articles, Which Contain Little Known, Highly Effective Mortgage Marketing Tactics... that You Can Access Absolutely FREE"   

12 Elements of a Winning Mortgage Print Advertisement
~ Doren Aldana
12 Elements of a Winning Mortgage Print Advertisement Nobody can guarantee a winning ad. The only way to know for sure is to test it. But there are several elements that you can incorporate into your ad or postcard mailing to give it a better chance of being a winner. Use these elements as your own personal "winning ad checklist" to your business. . . . keep reading
Why Realtors Hate Mortgage Brokers and How to Set Yourself Apart As Their Irreplaceable Team Member.
~ Doren Aldana
It's true. Most realtors are absolutely repulsed by the typical mortgage broker who shows up unannounced at their open house or calls them up cold asking for referrals. They're sick and tired of the same old song and dance about "great rates" and "best service." They get the gag reflex every time a loan officer shows up at their office with rate sheets and doughnuts. It's a classic case of marketing incest: everyone's saying the same thing with decreasing results! . . . keep reading
The Power of Persistence
~ Doren Aldana
What is the single most important character you need to succeed? Discover the #1 success trait found in all extraordinary achievers throughout the ages, from Multi-Millionaires to Olympic Gold Medalists, and how you too can utilize it's unparalleled power to turn your dreams into reality! . . . keep reading
6 Critical Steps Allow You to Expand Your Prospect Base By Narrowing Your Marketing Focus
~ Doren Aldana
Find out how to narrow your marketing focus. The result is a more effective use of your precious marketing dollars and a much higher prospect to client conversion rate for your mortgage business. . . . keep reading
8 Mortgage Marketing Sins that Kill Business Growth
~ Doren Aldana
In this article I reveal eight deadly marketing sins mortgage professionals commit that could be crippling your business growth in the mortgage business. . . . keep reading
Education Based Marketing - How to Attract Clients Without Selling
~ Doren Aldana
Education Based Marketing - How to Attract 
Clients Without Selling Education-Based Marketing captures prospects earlier in the decision process and establishes a relationship of trust, resulting in dramatically higher sales and closing ratios. Mortgage Professionals that seek to develop a relationship of trust by delivering a non-threatening educational message will position themselves as their prospect's first choice for financing their home. . . . keep reading
Newsletter Marketing: The Ultimate Followup Tool for Boosting Referrals & Repeat Business
~ Doren Aldana
Newsletter Marketing: The Ultimate Followup Tool for Boosting Referrals & Repeat Business One of the most costly mistakes I see mortgage professionals fall prey to is their tendency to myopically focus on acquiring new clients and in doing so they neglect the largest asset they will ever have in their business: their client database. . . . keep reading