Meet Doren Aldana, the Mortgage Marketing Coach...
Providing coaching, tools and systems to help mortgage professionals GAIN the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE - so you can close more deals with less effort.
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"Meet Doren Aldana, the Mortgage Marketing Coach..."

Considered by many to be the nation's leading mortgage marketing coach, Doren Aldana is the founder of several highly acclaimed training programs, including the Mortgage Superstar Coaching Program, Autopilot Referral Systems, Meetings with Mortgage Masters, and the FastTrak Coaching Program. He is a contributing author for The Mortgage Journal, Mortgage Professional America, MBABC Magazine, AMBA Magazine, CMP, and has trained thousands of mortgage professionals how to utilize his marketing secrets to create a predictable stream of closed deals... regardless of market conditions.

Due to his high-value, high-impact mortgage marketing solutions, Doren was awarded the prestigious "Best Industry Service Provider" award three years in a row at the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Canadian Mortgage Awards.

Best Industry Service Provider

Doren counts himself very blessed and fortunate to have discovered one of his life's greatest passions: MARKETING! He absolutely loves the art and science of marketing. To Doren it's fun! Very fun! And because of that natural inborn passion he has become an absolute piranha for marketing education. He has invested tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours studying the secrets of some of the world's top marketing experts like Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Alex Mandossian, David Frey, Ted Nicholas, John Reese, the list goes on and on.

Doren's products and services are founded upon the timeless principles of emotional direct response marketing, niche marketing, and harnessing the unparalleled power of education to magnetically attract clients to you without having to give a sales pitch.

Doren has individually trained and coached hundreds of mortgage brokers and loan officers. He has given his dynamic content-rich seminars and teleseminars to thousands across the country. His client list includes some of the largest mortgage firms across the nation, as well as several mortgage associations. He has been quoted in the media from coast-to-coast.

At the very core of Doren's life is his faith in God. It is the cornerstone of his beliefs, actions and decisions. On October 19th, 1997 he made a personal decision to dedicate his life to Jesus Christ. That decision was the single most important decision he has ever made and has allowed him to find clarity of purpose and true meaning in daily life.

Doren's faith in God has become the guiding force behind all of his relationships, including his interactions with clients and employees. His hope is that by seeking God's direction in every day business interactions, whether speaking to a group, coaching a client, or training an employee, he can inspire people to live an abundant life filled with purpose and meaning.