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"How I Sent 2650 Newsletters and Generated An Extra $18K in Cash Flow with a 512% Return on Investment!"
I am in Midland Ontario, Canada. It's a small community with around 16,000 people and I have been in the mortgage business for 6 years. I have used newsletters before and the response was not good. I sent out two. One of them was my own. I would say I did get some responses from it, but it took too much of my time to write the content. I did maybe six and it's a lot of work.
I have been using Doren's Done4U Newsletter since November and I have sent out five issues so far. Our last edition, which we put out on March 10th, we printed 530 copies. We distribute 80 of those to referral partners, realtors, etc. We actually mail 450 to 70% of our clients. The other 30% of the clients I signed up on a newsletter before I knew about yours, which is not nearly as good.
To print them every month we go to Staples, and that's about $ 100. Our postage is $ 230 and our cost to buy the newsletter content is $ 200. We always have a contest winner the very next day and that's another $ 100 so our monthly investment right now is about $ 700. Total invested over the past 5 months is about $ 3500.
I can tell you that we have closed or getting ready to close at the end of this month, 12 deals that we can attribute to the newsletter. Our average sale in a small market is about $1500. So our total commission so far is $ 18,000 with a 512% ROI. It's amazing!
I would say jump in with both feet and do it! My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. To share a little story with you, I used to get Doren's emails a lot and I still get them. They would come in about 2 or 3 times a week and I would delete them since I was busy. Everything slowed down in our market last November and it went from really busy to nothing. I had a lot of time and I thought to myself that I had to do something different. So there was your email and I read it and it was to get on board with your conference call; which I did. I signed up right away and the results are great! Don't be skeptical because it does work. It's not flashy but people love it!

Linda and Gary Dicks 
Mortgage Broker, The Mortgage Centre, Midland, ON

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"My Income Increased By Over 150% in Only 6 Months!"

By following Doren's advice on how to attract more of my perfect clients, I have increased my income by more than 150% in only 6 months!! I hit an income level (6 figures) that I didn't think I would achieve for at least 5yrs. Now that's leverage! 

-Scott Travelbea, Dominion Lending, Victoria, BC

"I Mailed 1000 Newsletters and Generated
4 Deals Worth $ 7400 in Commissions!"
It literally only took me about 20 minutes to add my picture and contact info. The total cost was about $ 950 to print and mail 1000 newsletters. They were delivered to the post office on Thursday, October the 11th at 5:30 pm. The very next day it was like somebody turned on a light! All of a sudden I was getting emails with the correct answer to Quiz Question and I started getting things through the fax machine not only asking for one of the free reports that Doren put together, but I think it was five that I got so far and of course I called and they said they were passing them on to their friends.
One thing led to another and I got phone calls from people I haven't heard from for 10 to 11 years ago that are obviously still out there. They would call and say "Hi!" or ask a question or say, "I have a sister that possibly later down the road may be doing something".
I do have to go back a step, and say that September and August were relatively slow for me. After sending these newsletters it was like a light went on all of a sudden. Forget about the general inquiries, I ended up with 7 pre-approvals; 4 of them have already bought so I am just in the process now waiting for the lenders to give me the final go ahead. And I know there will be more coming in next week. I can't believe it; it is like night and day!
I have been in this business a long time and it's something I have always knew was important and as indicated, I just couldn't do it by myself. The fact that I have a professional doing it for me and we are going to get it out on time, it is well worth the money. There is no doubt about it. I am thrilled about this; I am definitely looking forward to the next one!
Fred Waymouth
Mortgage Broker, The Mortgage Centre, Mississauga, ON

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"I More Than DOUBLED My Income in Less Than 10 Months!"

I more than DOUBLED my income is less than 10 months! Doren held me acountable and helped me stay on track and not get sidetracked by a passing whim. One of my downfalls is that I like to do everything. Doren has helped me systematize my business, delegate many tasks, and focus on the money making tasks. 

Martin D. Krell, Mortgage Alliance, Prince George, BC

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"I More Than DOUBLED My Income in Less Than 6 Months!"

When I first met Doren, I was skeptical. How could I double my income and generate twice the number of leads in only six months? Six months later it happened. I have doubled my income while generating twice the amount of qualified leads. Doren pointed me in the right direction, we defined my niche market, and held me accountable 100% of the way. Thanks Doren!

-Jeremy Nagel, Centum Select Mortgage, Calgary, AB

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"Great Ideas!"

Thank you Doren, for all your marketing ideas. I have completed the fifteen step program and have already implemented some of your ideas. I like the ads, postcards and reports too. I plan to use some of them in my upcoming campaigns. You have some great ideas. Thank you!

-Deborah da Silva, Oriana Financial Group, Ajax, ON



"I Closed Two Deals Worth Over $ 7000 in Commissions -- After Sending Just 147 of Doren's Done4U Newsletters!"
I've been in the mortgage business for six years. I live in Cape Cod, which is a different animal as far as mortgages go compared to most other places. But none the less, I decided to sign up and give Doren's newsletter a try. I just sent my first newsletter out on October 5th and I already have two deals in process from it; one of which has two individual mortgages. Those two clients alone will generate over $ 7000 in commissions!
I sent out a total of 147 newsletters. It cost me about $ 300 which is a little higher than it should have been because I thought my database was larger than it actually was so I printed more than I needed. On the one loan that is about to close right now, I'll make about $ 3,400 and the deal will be worth at least another $ 6,500.
I think it is a fantastic return on investment! I didn't send out a large amount of newsletters, but almost immediately I had clients calling to say, "I love the newsletter"... "Oh, you're going to be the next Susan Orman of Cape Cod?" It was great!
I am really happy with it because it is so easy to use. That's my problem, if it is difficult and takes a lot of time, I am not going to do it. It took me 15 minutes tops.
I think if anyone is on the fences, they have to try it! I know you look on the Internet and there are a thousand newsletters you can buy. But this one is simple, it talks to the clients, it doesn't look like it is pre-made. Try it! You have nothing to lose on this small investment.

Laura Birchett
Mortgage Broker, Harwich, MA, U.S.A.

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"All The Tools We Need Are Now At Our Finger Tips 24/7!"

Congratulations on your new site Doren, great job at provide an aid for all Loan Officers at all levels. It does not matter if you are brand new to the business or very well experienced, Doren always has something for everyone at all levels. The site is something that was well needed and now all the tools are at our finger tips 24hrs a day, its all up to us from here.... Thank you and all the best always!

-George Paul Vlahakis, Mortgage Broker, Richmond Hill, ON

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"Your New Members' Site is Brilliant!"

Congratulations! Doren, Your New Website is brilliant. It's like a one stop shop, where every aspect of Mortgage marketing including, Tools, Articles, Newsletters, Expert Interviews are all available just a click away. Keep up the Good work!!!

-Phil Khambatta, Mortgage Broker, Markham, ON

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"Awesome Value!"

I have signed up for many guru courses that have charged some outrageous prices to the LO with this new site from Doren it has allowed me to go at my own pace and also has allowed me to get coaching that fits within my budget especially now when the market seems to be soft. Thanks Doren for not only being there but for allowing me to feel that I can grow with the membership and feel that I am getting something of value for the money that I am paying.

-Bryan Schroeder, Envision Lending Group, INC., OR



"I've Never Been So Excited About Any Other Marketing Program. This Newsletter Boosted My Cash Flow By Over $ 17, 000 and Gave Me a 427% Return on My Investment!"
I have been in the mortgage brokering business for eight years. I live in Toronto. I have done several newsletters that didn't really work because I wasn't consistent with them. This is the first time I actually stuck with something as effective as Doren's.
I'd been getting Doren's emails on a periodic basis and always thought it was a great concept, but I never actually putting it in motion.
I am an advocate of smart marketing and it only made sense. So one day I just decided to start using Doren's Done4U Newsletter and I've been hooked ever since!
March was our fifth newsletter. I have 500 going out to my client database, 100 going to prospects and 100 going to referral sources such as real estate agents.
Printing, posting and stuffing costs around $ 800/month. So, far I have about 9 firm deals coming from these newsletters. I get approximately $ 1900 per deal so that adds up to $ 17,100 in commissions. That means my ROI so far is 427%! I think that's great!
I haven't been more excited about any other call-to-action marketing plan than this newsletter. Stop knocking on doors hitting up those referral sources and get on this right away because if you put it off too long and neglect your database, you are missing a lot of opportunities and potential deals. I did that for many years and realized the hard way. I'm just starting to see the benefits of actually tapping into my database.
Stass Panagakos
Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Intelligence, TO
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