Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
By Doren Aldana

Here are the answers to the most common questions we have been receiving...

Question 1: What if I'm a newbie in the mortgage industry, is this program right for me?

That's one we're getting a lot. And it's a legitimate concern. So here's the skinny...

If you know absolutely nothing about sales and marketing, have little or no business experience whatsoever, and you can only put 1 hour per week towards this program, then this probably isn't for you.

Because the Mortgage Superstar Coaching Program (MSCP) is NOT -- I repeat NOT -- a "one-size-fits-all" or "cookie-cutter" type of program where I promise you that we'll do all the work.

That's a fools game. And while everyone deserves a chance for success, I tend not to mix well with those who haven't adjusted to the realities of business life.

But if you're willing to actually spend the time (minimum 3 hours per week) and apply what I'll show you, then you'll be starting a mortgage biz armed with a skill-set mortgage originators everywhere only wish they had when they started.

You'll avoid all the paralyzing mistakes while consistently choosing the most profitable action. In fact, your new skills will be even MORE valuable in the start up stage, since that's the time when mortgage professionals work the hardest, sacrifice the most, and make the least.

But, by simply utilizing what you learned in the MSCP, you'll be able to totally avoid the dreaded "overworked and underpaid" stage and waltz right into positive cash flow and a steady pipeline from the very start.

Question 2: What if I am already overwhelmed with information overload? Is your coaching program going to eliminate it or exasperate it?

Ah, the ol' paralysis by analysis enigma. The stumbling block for most mortgage originators. That's a fair question, because there's literally 101 different ways you can grow a mortgage business. And everyone promises that their method is THE method.

But here's a little secret about information overload...

That's actually one of the biggest constraints facing mortgage professionals today. It bogs us down until we don't know which way to turn, which guru to follow, and which program to buy into.

So what do we do? Procrastinate, delay, and go looking for more information. After all, it's a lot easier, it doesn't hurt, and we don't have to take a chance.

But here's what's I love about the new and improved MSCP: it's actually tailored to WIPE OUT information overload, not add to it. Because it'll automatically transform your current "Just In Case" information strategy with a "Just In Time" information strategy.

Need an effective postcard campaign - Whamo it's there!

Need an effective lead generation ad - Whamo it's there!

Need an effective referral system - Whamo it's there!

...All with a simple click of your mouse. No waiting, No worrying or No wondering - just killer tools at your fingertips, 24/7.

And that my friend will eliminate 90% of your problem right there. The net result: you'll operate with greater clarity and more confidence in your own solutions then the ones you hear others swear by. How cool is that?

Question 3: I've already bought a few mortgage marketing programs, including Loan Tool Box and By Referral Only, what ís different about yours?

First of all, let's make something perfectly clear--this is NOT just another mortgage marketing course with the same old worn out approaches that every broker and their dog are using. My tools and approaches are very unique, and here's why:

A) I've never been a mortgage broker. I'm not blinded by industry norms. I'm not just another mortgage guy following the herd, doing what everyone else is doing. I'm a direct response marketing expert who recognized the huge need to provide mortgage professionals with proven marketing systems and approaches that are fresh, unique, and most importantly, outrageously effective.

B) My Done4U templates and systems don't look mass produced like the usual "cookie cutter" approaches you find out there. My stuff looks "home grown" like you did it yourself. It's more personal, more relatable, and thus, more effective.

C) Always remember -- your actual SUCCESS is determined by your constraints and how you eliminate them. And that's what this course will do for you.

So it's more effective, more efficient, and more results-certain than anything out there. In fact, I would venture to say it's the most powerful and profitable (and most hands-on) mortgage coaching program that I've ever come across.

Because the MSCP doesn't try to teach you to follow a certain road, then let you loose to work through the roadblocks on your own.

It plops you right in the middle of that road with a pick axe and sledgehammer and says, "Let's tear these bad boys down so it's easier to get to our destination."

Doesn't that seem to make a lot more sense--and isn't that in an entirely different league --than another mortgage marketing course?

Question 4: Up until a few weeks ago I never heard of you. No offense, but how do I know you're the real deal?

Great question. It shows you're a smart consumer. Never buy anything from anyone (especially online) without checking them out first.

But honestly, I'm not one to start throwing around accolades about myself. What I am most proud of, and what should impress you and reassure you more than anything is my unparalleled track record. Sure, I've been featured in The Mortgage Journal, Mortgage Ledger, CMP Magazine, and a ton of other mortgage publications. But what you want are results -- and I've delivered the exact results you're craving time and time again. You can also take a look at our long list of unedited client reviews.

Question 5: How exactly is the new Mortgage Superstar Coaching program going to work?

Rather than risk giving you a sip with a fire hose and trying to explain the massive mountain of resources involved in the program, I would simply suggest watching our sneak preview video. It explains everything so much better than I could ever do here in text format.

Question 6: Do I have to be in Canada to participate in the MSCP and see significant results?

Absolutely not. But there are a few considerations that you need to make if you're outside of North America.

First, most of my stuff is tailored for the US and Canadian markets. I am working overtime right now to respond to the Mortgage Meltdown crisis that has been rocking the economic landscape lately. So, if you're outside of US and Canada, you may need to tweak my templates a bit to apply to your particular market. But heck, it'll still be infinitely easier than trying to create it from scratch!

Second, my marketing is 99% principle-based and 1% tactic-based. Which means it appeals to the timeless laws of human nature, emotion and psychology. These principles are as immutable as gravity. With that said, there may be some small modifications in the tactics required to make your marketing more relevant and applicable to the cultural and economic context of your specific market. Obviously, if you reside in a non-English speaking country, you'll need to translate my stuff into your language, but again, still much easier than reinventing the wheel.

Question 7: I'm just a one man show with no assistant, will this be too much for me to handle?

When we released the sneak preview video a couple weeks ago, lots of people were stunned by sheer quantity (and quality) of the tools and resources available in this new coaching program. I got all kinds of email from people worried that they won't be able to take it all in, or they wouldn't have the discipline to actually use it. And lots of other folks thought they'd need to wait until they have a full time assistant before they could take advantage of it.

Answer: while the concern is understandable, this is clearly one of those "no worries" situations. The tools, templates and systems in this coaching program are all Done4U and are extremely easy to implement, for newbies and veterans alike.

Case in point. Here's an unedited review from one of our members that speaks to this concern directly...

Listen to George
"All The Tools We Need Are Now At Our Finger Tips 24/7!"

Congratulations on your new site Doren, great job at provide an aid for all Loan Officers at all levels. It does not matter if you are brand new to the business or very well experienced, Doren always has something for everyone at all levels. The site is something that was well needed and now all the tools are at our finger tips 24hrs a day, its all up to us from here.... Thank you and all the best always!

-George Paul Vlahakis, Mortgage Broker, Richmond Hill, ON


Yes, the course is big.

Yes, there is a lot of material.

However, it is EXTREMELY understandable and easy to implement.

Here are 5 key reasons why this coaching program is so "fool-proof" to implement:

1. Keyword Searchable Download Library - with over 190 Done4U templates, tools, scripts, lead generation ads, postcards, referral systems, monthly newsletters, sales letters, etc. It's all there, all you have to do is type in what you want and Voila! - there it is! Pop in your photo and contact info and you're good to go!

2. 15-Step Road Map to Success - everything you could possibly do to grow your mortgage business falls under one of the 15 steps in my comprehensive Ultimate Mortgage Marketing Plan. This includes 15 audio training modules (60-80 minutes each), where I hold your hand and walk you through the critical action steps, one step at a time. Plus, if you're too busy (or lazy) to listen to the audio - I'll spoon feed you with dozens of hand-picked Done4U templates you can pull the trigger on immediately! Just watch the sneak preview to see what I'm talking about.

3. Real Answers to Your Biggest Questions - this is the real "nectar" of the coaching program. Have you ever wished you had a marketing pro on your team to help you create a success-certain marketing plan and then execute it with slam dunk results? Well, that's precisely what you'll gain from joining my closed-door LIVE Q&A calls or by posting your questions in the members only discussion forum (see the right navigation panel on this page for a sample of topics). I'll give you real answers to your toughest questions! Not a week from now, right away. I usually respond within 48 hrs, usually same day. You'll finally have a clear plan to reach your goals. No more guess work. No more humming and hawing. Just a proven path to success.

4. "Do-It-All-For-You" Fulfillment Vendors - gone are the days of having to collate print jobs, stuff envelopes, lick stamps and lug your mail to the post office. Now, with our top quality fulfillment vendors (in Canada and US) all you have to do is send one email and the rest is done for you! And don't worry, it won't cost you a fortune either. Unlike most fulfillment shops that charge and arm and a leg, we've toiled for countless hours to get you the most competitive pricing available. 

And if that wasn't enough, I'll also provide you with...

5. Featured Marketing Tool of the Week (sent via email) - if you did nothing else but read this weekly email, download the featured marketing tool, and implement it into your biz - your income would skyrocket! I'm not sending you fluffy ideas or untested experiments. I'll only recommend you to utilize the best, most effective tools that are battle-tested to work in the real world.

The Bottom Line: while the Mortgage Superstar Coaching program (MSCP) is very thorough and has a huge amount of material, it is very easy to understand. You don't need an abnormal amount of discipline or a full time assistant to see substantial results - although it sure helps. And, of course, it will work for veterans and newbies alike.

Question 8: I need to get some new ideas about radio ads, direct mail, print ads and, possibly TV. Would I be able to get this type of information from your course materials?

Simple answer... YES! Next question. No seriously, you'll have access to a veritable truckload of ready-made Done4U ads, postcards, letters, newsletters etc. at your finger tips 24/7. But, to be frank, there's always a the odd tool we haven't developed or published... yet. Which is great cuz we're constantly looking for new ideas and tools that can add value to our members. In most cases we can get you want you need within a couple weeks if it's not already available.

Question 9: Your new coaching program looks like it has great value but I think your price is too high. Can you lower it to make it more affordable?

Fair question. I can appreciate that price is always going to be a concern. You need to know you're gonna get dynamite value at an affordable price, that's a given. In order for you to get a full appreciation for the value you'll receive, I suggest you start off by watching the sneak preview video demo.

Now, with that said, I also understand that "affordable" is different for everyone, depending on your values, beliefs, and income level. That's why I've setup the new coaching program with multiple membership levels. They range anywhere from FREE to $37/mo, $97/mo or $197/mo. depending on the value, tools, and results you want to achieve. The higher levels involve a $300-$500 one-time registration fee, but is currently a HUGE discount for the first 7 days of this launch. Heck, just one closed deal will pay your membership fees for the whole year! There's no way you can loose - unless you do nothing.

If you still don't think you can afford $37-$200/mo to invest in your own professional development, sorry to say it but this ain't the place for you. You'd be better suited for a nice cozy salary job. No risk, no unknowns - but of course, no freedom. You choose. Only the true marketing tigers will survive, let alone thrive, in this wild dangerous jungle of sales and entrepreneurship. The weak, ill-equipped and lazy will be left behind.

Question 10: I gotta have this program Doren--how do I get it?

It's very easy to get enrolled into the Mortgage Superstar Coaching Program. Here's what you need to do...

I've prepared a very special RISK-FREE TRIAL OFFER for you so you can at least get in and test-drive my new coaching program - with zero risk!

I think you'll be amazed with how outrageously generous this free trial offer is. It almost
seems too good to be true - but believe me - it's very true.  

I hope this little Q and A has helped to calm any confusion you have about my new course. So you can make the right decision for you, and your mortgage business.

It's really going to be something special, and you'll be as thankful as all my previous clients are. So I hope to see you inside.

Dedicated to your success,