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Most Popular Articles on this site

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The list shows the most widely read articles on this site.

  1. 12 Elements of a Winning Mortgage Print Advertisement
    ~ Doren Aldana
    Nobody can guarantee a winning ad. The only way to know for sure is to test it. But there are several elements that you can incorporate into your ad or postcard mailing to give it a better chance of being a winner. Use these elements as your own personal "winning ad checklist" to your business. . . . keep reading

  2. Module #1:
    How to Create Your "Hit" List and Develop Your Unique Value Proposition . . . keep reading

  3. Module #1: Strategic Planning
    How to Create a Rock-Solid Plan for Success! . . . keep reading

  4. Module #2: Client Referrals
    How to Boost Your Referrals & Repeat Business! . . . keep reading

  5. Module #2:
    How to Use Direct Mail to Attract Realtor Partners . . . keep reading

  6. Module #3: Realtor Referrals
    How to Attract More Referrals from Top Producing Realtors! . . . keep reading

  7. Module #3:
    How to Use Email to Attract Realtor Partners . . . keep reading

  8. Module #4: Consumer-Direct Marketing Secrets
    "How to Generate More Qualified Leads Using Consumer-Direct Marketing!" . . . keep reading

  9. Walter Sanford - Realtor Marketing
    "How to Break into Closed Real Estate Offices and Attract a Flood of Referrals from Top Producing Realtors!" . . . keep reading

  10. Module #5:
    How to Conduct Successful "Discovery Meetings" . . . keep reading

  11. Module #5: Lead Conversion Secrets
    "How to Convert More of Your Leads into Closings!" . . . keep reading

  12. Module #4:
    How to Use the Phone to Book Face-to-Face Meetings . . . keep reading

  13. Module #6:
    How to Conduct Successful "Show 'n' Tell" Meetings . . . keep reading

  14. Module #6: Productivity Secrets
    "How to Master Your Time to Accomplish More!" . . . keep reading

  15. Module #7: Mindset Secrets
    "How to Develop a Top-Producer Mindset!" . . . keep reading

  16. Productivity Secrets - How to Double Your Income and Double Your Time Off!
      Doren Aldana Presents:"Productivity Secrets: How to Double Your Income and Double Your Time Off!" Click to Get the Not . . . keep reading

  17. Module #7:
    How to Conduct Successful "What's Next" Meetings . . . keep reading

  18. David Frey - Database Management
    "The Ultimate Mortgage Referral System for Attracting More Quality Referrals Than You Can Handle... on Autopilot!" . . . keep reading

  19. Lead Conversion Secrets (members)
    "How to Close More Leads into Closed Deals!" . . . keep reading

  20. Carl White -- Facebook Marketing Secrets
    "How to Use Facebook to Close More Loans... With Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day!" . . . keep reading

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